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1. SIZE :1220X2440X(10\12\15\18\20)MM


(1)    The series of the bamboo plywood has the characteristics of the smooth finish with the brown or red double filmed faces, and aftering taking the models, the surface of the concrete will be plane and smooth.

(2)    The product is of excellent mechanical property and waterproof.

(3)    Reuse: our products can be reused for more than 10 times. These are especially suitable for areas with high requirements on concrete surfaces in buildings and finishes for  projects . Our plywood can be reused for more than 20 times in house building.

3.       APPLICATION AREAS: The series of product can be used in the concrete projects of docks, irrigation works, nuclear power works, hydraulic project, city fly-over, railway, bridge of expressway, high building, upright moulding board, girder and colum moulding board