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constructional requirements for bamboo plywood

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1. The bamboo plywood shall be packed in order and take care when entrucking .Prevent sliding movement , sunshine and rain during the transportation.

2.  When unloading , please use lifting belts instead of steel wire rope to avoid   extrusion and damage . Handle with care when unload by labour . And also prevent sunshine , rain and fire after piling up.

3.  Colliding , crowbar knocking, throwing is strictly prohibited during carrying and using . And during rebar laying, please don’t drag or throw the rebar on the plywood .

4.  Release agent shall be brushed on the suface before using , and clean it after using .


Technology and site preparation

1. Calculate the plywood quantity and make plan per construction design and drawing . Determine the plywood construction method and have training for installing standard and request .

2. Prepare the site template preocess area , the needed equipment ,marks , electric power and so on .

3. Final trimming saw request : with guide rail and keep the trimming vertical , 4500turns/minute . Use the technical alloy saw bit with diameter 355mm and 120 tooth,

A、Template installation and remove instruction

a) Installation : Strap shear wall rebar—Precut shear wall template—Lay shear wall template per elevation—Install cushion block—Guy wire for straight—Build and levelling falsework—Place batten or square steel –Lay side template—Lay plane template—Strap beam steel—Install cushion block—Adjust the template—Check and confirm .

b)    Remove: For wall template , the remove sequence is opposite to the installation sequence . The first installed shall be removed last and the last installed shall be removed first.. For basement , remove the support first , and then bolts and template last . Please remove from top , don’t remove the whole wall . Please remove the big template on the floor , and then outer wall template , the inner wall template last . For roof bottom template , please remove tie beam first , and then upright , keel and template last . When removing , please start from the door to the room .

B、Installation request and matters need attention

a)  Take care when carrying , and don’t drag the template , please avoid colliding . Please use standard steel nail.

b)     Use the final trimming saw with guide rail and alloy saw bit ; When use the hand trimming saw , snap the line first and lay the template with support , try to avoid damage . Paint the waterproof paint after sawing .

c)  Drill hole request : The template shall be placed in level . Please put old panel under the template to avoid burr when drill hole . Paint the waterproof paint after drilling.

d)  When nailing the shear wall , please have square steel or wood support for the joint to avoid swell when pouring after laying .

e)  During nailing , please don’t beat the template . After using times , please brush release agent on the surface.

f)  As the bamboo plywood is high density , nailing from side will cause slightly swell,  During laying and precutting the template , please don’t nail from the template side for the corner joint . Please use right angle wood or square steel for joint support .

g)  Please number the template when laying first time to make every template in same position to avoid wastage caused by sawing misalignment.

h)  Please pay attention to the density of the support wood or square steel when laying the template . Ensure not swell when pouring . And at the meantime , please ensure there has cushion block and filler for the bottom , joints and the corner gap to avoid cement paste running off .

i)   Please study and follow strictly the safety production management system

C、Remove request and matters need attention

a)  Remove the template when confirm the concrete setting level.

b)  When remove the basement template , please remove the supporting pieces and connection pieces one by one , the template shall be removed and passed one by one . Don’t have the template fall down free . The removed template shall be piled up per specification at the right place and don’t cause any damage.

c)  When remove the big template of outer wall , please ensure all the wall screws are removed ,and the sundries are cleared . The rings of the crane shall be in the barycenter of the template , and avoid crash . When use again , please clean the surface and brush the release agent.

d)  When remove the template for the inner shear wall , the template will be easy removed without crowbar because the surface is smooth for the first use .Please pay attention to the fall down of the template when remove the supporting wood or steel . If crowbar is needed , please don’t pry from the corner , or it will cause damage to the template . Please pry from the center , and beat the inner of the template lightly , and don’t use too much force . Try to avoid the template falling down and any sharp objects damage the template .

e)  When remove the top template , please remove the tie beam , and then remove the support . Leave one or two support for each keel . Please stand on the removed space to remove the near upright and avoid the hurt caused by template falling down . For balance, use pry hook per instruction D .

f)   Please study and follow strictly the safety production management system


a)  Please make sure the support for the template is fastness and reliable.

b)  Please avoid concrete running off from the template joint , and clear all the sundries before concreting.

c)  The beam template and the roof template height shall be precise , straight . Buckling is rejected.

d)  When remove the template , please don’t impact the floor , template and support shall be piled up separately 

e)  Please control the deviation such as cross sectional dimensions, verticality , planeness, high-low difference between templates and so on .