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About bamboo veneer

Time:2016-03-21Author:longda bambooBrowsing times:936

Bamboo veneer is a kind of new product. Its invention ended the history in the international market only have wood veneer.

1.    The detail specifications of our bamboo veneer are as following:

Thickness: From 0.3mm to 0.6mm



Density: 680kg/m3

Formaldehyde emission: 0.01mg/m3

Moisture: 8%-12%

2.    Purpose for Using

The product of bamboo veneer can be a very comprehensive usage. It normally will be assembled / joined to wider sheets and pressed on panels( like chipboard, multiplex or MDF). It can be used for cabinetry, furniture construction, interior paneling, counter tops, and any other interior use where wood products have traditionally been used.

3.      Variety of the bamboo veneer

Color: Natural & Carbonized

Construction : Horizontal grain & Vertical grain