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Our“JINLIANGSHAN” bamboo plywood template is the construction material which uses the high quality phyllostachys pubescens and phenolic resin glue as material , and after process such as kintting , sloving, glue coating , hot pressing, cooling , the template can be with advantages such as superstrong waterproof , antiseptic , anti-aging , smooth and non-deformed , reusable .

The high quality bamboo plywood depends on the quality of the raw material. “JINLIANGSHAN” bamboo plywood use the essential part of the bamboo –the middle lamella . And because of the moisture content is different for every part , we use both natural dehydration and technology dehydration .

The adhesive is another important material for bamboo plywood . The adhesive we use for “JINLIANGSHAN” bamboo plywood is made by ourselves. It’s equitable and environmental .

We control every production process strictly to ensure our “JINLIANGSHAN” bamboo plywood with balanced density , small thickness tolerance , trim diagonal , strong compressive strength and non-deformed .